Latest Corona Forum style sheet is not doing good on FireFox 3.6.10

Hi Ansca Mobile,

since this morning, I noticed that the main forum side is broken on FireFox 3.6.10. On Safari 5.02 it looks good. FireFox is my favorite browser so I would be happy if this could be fixed.

And thanks that the topic=>Forum links are back in the topics.


P.S. it is not only the main forum but also the subforums that show badly in FireFox. The single topics are fine, but the font seems to be bigger in size.

Yes, I noticed this too. The problem for me is, that the width is a lot lower, maybe half of the original width. This makes everything so cramped and it's hard to read right.

Only the normal topics are good though.

I thought I was the only one with this problem, good to know it's not just me. I hope it get fixed soon.

sent emial to our web team...

bug them at support @



Same with Firefox 4. All the overview gets compressed into a tiny vertical area...

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