The Amazing Machine - For Sale, open to offers

"The Amazing Machine" Is a physics puzzle game inspired by "The Incredible Machine" by Sierra.

The aim of the game is to guide the red ball of heat into the exit block to melt the ice that is preventing the motor from running correctly and thus preventing the factory from working.

You have several tools to help you guide the ball to the exit.
Which include :

Conveyor Belts,
Ice Blocks.

The game using spawning and recycling and pre-defined arrays that get repopulated upon level change. It's very modular so making a level is just a case of spawning the object you want, and telling it where you want it.

I am open to offers for the game, i have a price in my head, but however i am open to any reasonable offer.
If you are interested please send me a email to zackonmac AT
serious offers only please.

You get all sounds, graphics and code (it's made using the Corona SDK) with the purchase.

Video of the game in action (sorry for poor resolution)


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