Take the 48 Hours Game Challenge - Win the challenge and ...

Looking for thoughts from developers who might wish to participate, if you've got time any feedback is greatly appreciated!


Sounds like fun!


Peach, this is fantastic and thanks for putting it together.

To the winner I will give a free year subscription to Corona SDK, and if you own Corona, I will add another year to our subscription.

You have 48 hours ;-)


When does it start? Now?

According to the blog post, it's just an idea now to see if anyone is interested...

I'M interested, so come on everyone, reply to this thread so we can make this thing a reality!

If this contest goes on, I'm all in... VOTE YES

I wish I could join now that you two, Mr. Beebe and Mr. Nay, are participating.... but I have an unfair advantage.... I still use one of these Not So Smart Phone


Haha, like your "phone", Carlos. Depending on stuff, I may or may not do it.

Carlos is on another caffeine kick! Revealing more "top secret" info again... could it be... is THAT the next platform Corona is going to support?? lol


Seriously, people join the contest so we can get this thing started :-)

Oh wow how fun! Good one Peach!! aka Scar Twin, tehehe.

I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I vote YES!

Nice idea, @peachpellen

Hey guys, I just woke up - what a great response!

@Carlos, that is INCREDIBLY generous, I thank you :D I'm sure many would see that as a great reason to enter.

@Scar Twin, I'm sure your game will looks fantastic ^-^;

Off to wake up a bit more, have a lot of work to do today.

At this stage I still have to work out all the details but I'm thinking as interest seems good we'll have to find a weekend that suits.

I was thinking perhaps the first one in February if that works; we'll also need to work out judges - this can wait until I'm more awake, haha.

Peach :)

@peachpellen Just posted on your blog, not sure if the comment is actually visible yet though. I would be very much up for helping judge if you require anyone as although I would love to get involved with the actual competition I don't think I will find the time :-(

Will offer a copy of of Lime to the winner (when it's finished, natch) if you/they are interested.

I'm sure we'd be happy to donate some sort of prize, just need to think of something though...

Graham, I've approved your comment - I think it future it should be automatic for you, hopefully :) Sorry about that.

Lime would be awesome, I know a lot of people are interested in it, and as I am hoping to have a total of four judges I'd be happy if you were able to take part; I think you'd make a great judge :) (There will likely be 4 of us, including myself, Carlos and you - plus one other. I think. I am still waking up;))

udesignme - if you some up with something that would be awesome, still a little yet to think on it, I've got work to do before looking at details ;)

Hehe, no worry about having to approve the comment. The fight against spam is an eternal and bloody battle.

I will gladly give away some copies of Lime (however it sort of pales in comparison to Carlos' prize :-) ) and would love to help out with judging. I have some experience with games competitions, albeit from the other side of the judging panel, with the Dare To Be Digital competition in the UK.

Waking up? It's 8am here and I'm going to be going to bed soon :-) Timezones will never beat me.

I'm also happy to help out with judging, I've got the relevant experience :). But hmm, I do need to think of an awesome prize...

Graham, haven't slept either; got a full day ahead of me as well! Meeting with someone who might be creating the music for the RPG at 10am, then got to go to the bank and fill out mountains of paperwork.

Paperwork schmaperwork, just stick with my business strategy. Don't earn any money. Banking work suddenly becomes so much simpler :-)

As far as a prize goes, maybe the chance to make some art for Arcana :-)

Edit -

P.S. If anyone is interested about Dare to be Digital and what I did it in, I was part of this team in 2008.

Haha, what a great prize. "Win and I'll let you make me stuff."

If only life was that simple. :p

How did you place in DtbD?

Hehe, would be nice wouldn't it :-)

We were one of the three winning teams and then went on to collect the BAFTA. So I'd say fairly well :-) However saying that, the games in the year since were so much better I'm scared to see what they come up with this time.

Posting here for those that don't follow the blog. We'll offer up an iTunes gift card, some cold hard cash and the chance (if an artist) to see your work in an upcoming console title (Q4 2011).

Udesignme, from what I know about your experience you'd actually make a very good judge; so that looks like we've got four now.

I'm very pleased; We have Carlos who is a god, you two who both seem to have mountains of experience in different areas and a great sense of community spirit and then there's me - but 3 out of 4 isn't bad ;)

Peach - Send me an email j@jawhye.com -- I'll donate a copy (or copies) of Corona Project Manager for the winner(s).


I am in!


This is pretty exciting. I'd be pretty interested in participating too (in the competition, not as a judge)

If I weren't already deep into my game I would definitely be into this. I've not done any short-sprint game jams since way back in college. Early February I'll probably still be busy though.

Yay, glad to be a judge. Please note, I do not accept bribes. Only beer.

Glad of all the interest :D I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

@J.A. Whyte - Thank you, I will do so in the coming days, most generous of you!

@jhocking - The date is yet to be determined, however if it is successful it would be good to have another one in the future at some point, especially if it's good publicity for Corona. (I hope it will be, I imagine most of the entries will come from here.)

@Graham - I am creating the position of "head judge" and designating myself as the aforementioned. As such, I take a 96% cut (rounded up to the nearest 100) of all beer related bribes.

That said, my de facto mother in law has some alcohol free wine - so you can have that :P

Oh my god, you've gone crazy with power! Although naturally it's only fun to go crazy with power, going crazy without power (or having power without the added fun of insanity) just isn't the same.

Hmmm, alcohol-free wine. Normally I would just at the word "free" but it just doesn't seem right in that sentence.

I know you meant to say "jump". :P

I'm totally crazy with power. First independent application developers, next .... THE WORLD!!!!

MWAHHAHAHAHA *couch* HAHAHA *panting* haaaaa.

I AM SO IN! Great idea peachpellen, can't wait for this!

(also you should come back to the IRC channel sometime, there's actually people in it now) :p

please someone email me about the irc channel when it is active so i can participate if time permits me.


Hey nck, I will - I reformatted in that time and still haven't got everything back on, but will try to do that for tonight - I had intended to, be good to come back in, people or not :P

Just woke up (two proper nights sleep in a row!) so forgive me if there's any typos, still feeling foggy. :)

Haha, at least you managed to sleep :).

Carlos, just come idle! #corona on irc.freenode.net

Ey guys, the 48-hour format seems a perfect fit for the upcoming GameJam. Can we do the contest at the same time as the Game Jam (Jan.28-30)? This way those of us participating in GameJam can participate to both :)

I was thinking late February will likely work out better, although waiting to hear from Carlos.

The problem with attempting to coordinate them would also mean present an issue as far as content goes; I don't know how Game Jam is running things but my plan is to have a few things that must be included in the app, only revealed at the start of the 48 hour mark.

On the bright side, if the Techority 48 Hour Challenge takes place at the end of February, for example, that's two community type events a month apart - which I think is quite exciting.

I vote end of Feb. because Biffy and I are going to the Semantic Developer's Event in San Jose at the end of this month.

My thoughts were the last weekend in the month, which would be the 26th and 27th of February.

I think that makes sense, so we may as well lock that in now.

As far as other details go, we know who the judges are and after some emails from various people, along with comments, I've decided that the competition will only be for Corona made games and submission will be via email at the end of the 48 hours.

They'll only need to be emailed to me; I'll then get them to the other judges to avoid any issues.

Regarding when the period starts and ends, being in Australia I'm unsure where to base it - is EST standard for you Americans with things like this? :P

Late feb works for me too and regarding timezones, I basically don't sleep so any will be fine.

Late Feb is good for me too because then IndeED will be released and I have more time on my hands.

@PeachPellen: I throw in a copy of IndeEd as a prize for this or another competition after this one. Pick whatever you like.

The last weekend of February isn't good for me :( I have plans to visit my family then.

@MikeHart its great news You will have Your IndeED ready before this contest. If i can manage to participate i will for sure use IndeED for coding.

Sounds awesome Mike, would love to do so for this challenge if possible. Could you shoot me an email, please? :) (my name @gmail.)

@thispedro - I'm sorry to hear that - sadly it's impossible to find a date that suits everyone. That weekend has had the most positive feedback and so it's the one I've gone with, but I am very sorry it wont work out for you to be able to participate :( (That said, if this goes well I hope to run another some time in the future.)

February sounds great!
My girlfriend is on tour by then so I have all the time in the world :)

I don't have any fancy software to offer to the winner but I would like to add some physical stuff.

I can send the winner copies of my bands and my girlfriends bands latest CD's.
Hope you guys like rock n roll :)



What is the registration process? Since this all seems fairly ad-hoc, I'm guessing it could be as simple as PayPal the $5 fee a couple days beforehand to get on the website's list of participants. Since the event is late February I might be able to participate, but I wouldn't know until pretty much the last second.

Anyone wishing to donate a prize who I have not made contact with (I think I've emailed everyone, bit hectic!) can do so here; http://tinyurl.com/4a5ad6g

I'll obviously email judges before long with more details, however I'll say now if you don't have a DropBox account (I think you all will) you'll need one. (They're free and it's a great program.)

Sorry, missed those two comments as this page has been open awhile :P

@Rick - Sounds awesome! Physical prizes add to the excitement, I reckon - could you please shoot me an email? I think I had your address but I'm quite jumbled up - making a list of emails now. XD

@jhocking - It's going to be a $5 entry fee once the page goes up as an early bird special. After that it will be a $10 fee. (I think with the prizes on offer that's still very, very reasonable.) :)


this sounds like fun. hoping i will be able to give it a shot im really busy right now between my wife just getting out of hospital, trying to catch up on work, and im deep into a new game right now but if possible ill be there

I certainly hope you'll be able to take part, however obviously your wife must take priority! I do hope she's OK, I wont pry, but best wishes to both of you.

Bump ;)

Registration begins tomorrow.

A page has been set up (there's a tab at the top of the http://Techority.com home page) with more details, rules, prizes, etc. all listed there.

Peach :)

Don't you mean http://techority.com/ =P?


Thanks, Blue Haired Buddy! :P

Cool. Very Cool I am participating to the http://www.globalgamejam.org/

Next week. First time for me.

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