My Kid is Catching the Corona Bug

A couple months ago I used the educational discount and bought a copy of Corona for my 16yo (now, of course, you just use the trial until your game is done) to include it as part of his schooling (he's homeschooled).

But he never touched it -- until today.

I think it was because I told him about the developer of Bubble Ball being just 14 that made him think about it again.

My initial plan was to create a series of tutorial videos for him to follow but I've been so busy working on Corona Project Manager that I haven't had time.

But he wanted to do *something* so I set him up with a copy of CPM (gave him the family discount, of course!) and dragged in a bunch of the sample code. Then I showed him how to put an image on the screen and set the X and Y coords, and showed him the magic of -- and then I went to take a shower.

Came back and he'd added a bunch of stuff he found in the API, including sound effects!

After working with him for a bit we have cans that fly through the air and explode when you hit them. I'm taking a dinner break and he's messing with Particle Candy so we can add a cool explosion when the can is hit.

If I had kept on my path of doing iOS apps with Obj-C this kind of thing would never have happened -- but Corona SDK is so freaking accessible that picking it up and having fun is completely possible. Even for a non-programmer.


That's awesome! That's how I was, (i'm the 14-year-old), I just had so much fun with Corona and how easy it all was. Look forward to seeing what cool game he'll make!

NICE !!!!!!

Woohooo !!!!!!

Rocking !

Am smiling ;-)


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