Bleeps and bloops

So, where do you go for your game's sound effects?

Really? So, no-one uses sound in their games here?

local soundID = media.newEventSound( "sound.caf" )

media.playEventSound( soundID )

More info here:

You need to have your sounds converted to IMA4 (you an also use LEI16, but IMA4 usually covers most sound effects). For converting, I created an easy drag and drop utility:

Hope that helps!

Oops, sorry - guess I wasn't clear...

What I meant was; Where do other devs go to get their sound files for free or paid-for audio files?

I'm building a game which wants some specific-type sounds and have no idea (not having written a game before) where to go!

Thanks for the links though :)

I was (again) nicely surprised at how easy it was to use corona to make a play/pause button to fade in/out the audio track :)


Have you seen that page recently?

sorry i was on iphone and it tried to correct the spelling heres the link

I use

Pretty cheap and a good selection of good quality sounds

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