Goo God - Potential New #1? - Looking for some feedback!

Hey everyone,

I've been working the past little while on a game called Goo God.

Here is a YouTube video demonstrating it (note this is an Alpha demo - nothing too advanced is shown quite yet!)

Goo God - Alpha - YouTube Link

Here is a basic description.

All was well in the land of Goo until the Devil decided to show up!

You are the God of Goo and you've been stripped of your divine powers.
Fortunately the Devil was sloppy - he dropped bits and pieces of your of them throughout the world.

He also forgot to take two of your most valuable powers - PUSH and PULL.
You can PULL yourself seemingly out of thin air or PUSH the other way.

Use the powers you still have to recover the rest, all while sending the Devil's creatures back to hell in this exciting physics-based action/puzzle game which will keep you coming back for more!

An exciting mix of logic, skill and quick fingers will send those goons screaming!

100 levels of slimy fun with frequent updates for even more fun!
50 challenging achievements to unlock!
Leaderboards to compete with other Gods around the globe!
Post your highscore to Facebook or Twitter and challenge your friends!

Plus CREATE YOUR OWN LEVELS and SHARE THEM WITH FRIENDS, or even send them to us!
You could have YOUR NAME ENGRAVED ON A LEVEL in the next update!


Andreas Ricci
NuPlay Entertainment
Founder & Lead Developer

It seems like a very good game and with the 100 levels I would easily buy it, with good marketing I could see it in the top 10 paid. My favorite part so far is the dynamic welcome screen. Goo-d Luck.


I think it looks VERY impressive, very polished :D



Thank you for the kind words!
Marketing is always the "luck" part of making a top game... I hope Ansca will feature it when it's complete!
I plan on submitting it to TouchArcade and other popular review sites.

@peach pellen

Thank you Peach!
High praise coming from someone of your skill level!
Your tutorials have always been a great help to me and I'm sure so many others.


Andreas Ricci
NuPlay Entertainment
Founder & Lead Developer

I'm flattered, thank you :)

Sincerely, I think your app looks fantastic and believe it has great potential.

Because it is clearly well made and polished I think you have a very good shot with a lot of the popular review sites.

Best of luck to you and I shall eagerly anticipate its release!

No, thank you!

I really appreciate the positive feedback you've given me!

It is my first game (on the app store/android market) so I'm trying my best to do it right the first time.


Andreas Ricci
NuPlay Entertainment
Founder & Lead Developer

Nice work, looks promising :)

Thank you infuseddreams!

Development is coming along nicely.
We should have another video demo ready soon!


Andreas Ricci
NuPlay Entertainment
Founder & Lead Developer

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