Shlumpf and Shlumpf lite now in the app store!!


We're really excited to say that our first corona app is now in the AppStore!

Shlumpf is available now! Woohoo!

Bounce, hop and slide your way through 20+ levels of Shlumpf on your rescue mission for Shlumpfette, who’s been taken by the nasty Ananasi!

Munch some tasty fruit for a big score bonus – just watch out for the giant inky Ananasi as it chases you through the levels in your search for Shlumpfette!

Game features:

o 20 levels - more coming soon!
o Hidden bonus levels full of fruity goodness
o Addictive platformer gameplay
o Easy control system designed for the small screen
o Beat your highscore, pickup where you left off or start afresh each time!
o Crazy country banjo soundtrack!

We've been using Corona and Lime together to make the most of the awesome level design features of Tiled to make our fun little platformer. We've launched for iPhone/Pod and Pad although its got a few graphics glitches on the iPad so we're looking at making an iPad only version soon.

We're still getting to grips with performance vs quality and level but so far we're rated as a 5* app so I'm thinking we're going down pretty well!

Please have a look and let us know what you think? There's more artwork and screenshots on our facebook page:

Games available here: (shameless plug)

Hope you'll let us know what you think!?


the game looks great... gonna try and get a gift card soon so I can nab this one... =oD

After I do, I'll be sure and leave some feedback.

Morning Apparent and all my fellow coronarites!

Thanks for the interest, save you waiting on a gift card we've got a few voucher codes for our forum friends:


I can't promise how long they'll last so get in quick, if one doesn't work try using the next - if you could all post if you do use one, that would be great!

We're awaiting for approval on updates to both the lite and paid versions - for a peak at whats coming, head over to our facebook page:

Hope you like it!


Looks great!

I used JRXFXAJLR6L3 and the 1st and 2nd codes were already used as well. Can't wait to try it out!


Cheers Chunky - looking forward to hearing what you think!

got 6K4N466KHYF7

Thank you for the code...

So far, I think the game is alright. I think the collision markers (dunno if that's the right term...) could be worked on... seems I was killed when I wasn't touching the black goo, more than a couple times. Also it seems like when jumping that the character has a certain amount of 'gas'. If you jump really high then try to jump right after that, he'll only jump a little bit. I don't know if this is intentional, but it would be nice if it is if you could put a little bar at the top of the screen showing how much jump power the character has (kind of like in Meganoid when the character uses the jetpack...) - other than that, this is a pretty solid game. =o)

Thank you again for the code.

I got to try it out for a bit and wanted to give you my thoughts.

I love the artwork. Very beautiful looking game. The animation is sweet also.

I would really suggest adding a sound effect when collecting fruits and such. We all love the rewarding sounds when collecting things in games, plus sometimes I wasn't sure if I reached the fruit on my jump. I had to look to see if the fruit was gone.

Also, I like how you handled the controls. Unfortunately, many times when I try to double-jump, my second button press isn't registering. I don't know why that is but it does get frustrating falling to my death because my button press didn't register.

Did you use Lime for this? I see alot of people asking how to make these types of games in the forums and you definitely nailed it.

Congratulations on an awesome job!

Hey Both, thanks for the feedback - we're really happy with what we've achieved so far, we've got a load of ideas on how to make it better: collision detection improvement is top of the list!

We've added a 'gulp' sound for when you collect fruit but I agree, we need to add in a more obvious collection effect too.

We're happy with the controls, glad you get on ok with them as its a bit different from what people are used to but does save on screen space.

Great ideas from both of you, we'll keep you posted on when theres a new update for you to try!

BTW, we did use Lime, yep - makes level design a piece of cake but we are having an issue with too many tiles in one level, need some occlusion culling please!

Thanks again - being the designer, LOVING the graphics praise ;)!


Morning all!

Just to say that the codes above MIGHT not work any more as we've just had our latest update go live and the codes were for a previous build.

Hope those of you who have the game like the changes and theres an improvement in performance too!?



Could you let us know how you went about implementing the "hold button longer to jump higher" concept. It has been asked elsewhere in the forum and seems to be harder to implement than originally thought.


@Chunky haha thanks for looking out for me! I actually sent Kris a personal email just this morning asking about it lol.

Morning All!

@Chunky / Aaaron - thanks for your posts and message. I'm afraid im just a pixel monkey and just do the pretty pictures, its my partner in crime Dan who handles the number crunching and makes it all happen.

He's out flat hunting today but I'll have a word and see if we can coax him to share a little knowledge - no promises but will see what I can do!

Hope alls well and will see if we can get more on here soon,


Would appreciate that Kris! I have no intention of copying any of your ideas. My ideas are totally different. I just need to get the fundamentals down first :) All I am looking for is the function that makes the character jump and no more. Thanks again either way Kris & Chunky.

Good looking game, I used the code "FMEENFALHJ7N".

When picking the fruits the fading feels little strange, as if I didn't get it but instead it faded away (like I was too late or something).

This is likely just me feeling like it though :b

Aaaron - are you saying our ideas aren't worth copying?! haha, didn't think that at all, would be happy to help, if we had more time i'm sure we could put a tutorial together but I'll have a word with my dev partner as soon as I can and will keep you posted.

@Harm, thanks for the compliment. I see what you mean, I think we need a nice effect on the fruit collection as you're not the only one to say this - you're in good company!

BIG update on the way, will add pics on our facebook and mod db pages soon as theres more to see!


I can't wait til your update comes out so I can COPY it :)

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