My Craps Game for iPad is now on the iTunes App Store

Man, am I happy. After 5 months of hard work, I submitted My Craps Game for iPad to iTunes Monday at 3PM. Today at 5PM, Apple sent me an approval notice and My Craps Game is on the iTunes App Store. Two days and two hours to get approved. I was sure I was to be in rejection hell, but No! Got in the first time, Cool.


Its no small feat to get an App up there, there is a lot of setup and scrutiny. It is however, well documented and do-able. This project is a port of a successful App I made in 2007 with REAL Studio for Mac and Windows. It does a lot, more a simulation than video game. My Eclipse project for this was 8365 lines of Lua code with 163 various files. A lot of work!

The game has been appropriately badged at

Next, I need an iOS 4.2 version that will multitask...

FREE through Jan. 31 2011!

As a good will, introductory price, My Craps Game for iPad will be FREE through the end of January 2011. The iPad App has been approved as Ready for Sale by Apple, and is ready for download from the iTunes App Store. It will be $4.99 starting in February.

View the Video Intro to My Craps Game for Apple iPad here:

Alan Gruskoff
Digital Showcase LLC
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Producers of My Craps Game

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