Dumball submitted to App Store!!!

This game started out as a physics demo while I was working on another game and I liked playing it so much I decided to publish it. I am very happy with the end result!

It is currently waiting for review. It will be $0.99 but I will offer promo codes to anyone who would like to review/rate the game.

About the game:
Dumball is a very casual (and sometimes frantic) game. It’s a very simple game to play but can get very challenging.

The goal is to bounce the ball on a trampoline that is the same color as your ball. Tilt the iPhone or iPod Touch left or right to control the ball. The ball changes color every time it bounces on a trampoline, making it more challenging as the game progresses.


You can check out the screenshot at the game page:



me me me me promo code me me

;-) look good !


Dumball has been approved and is available in the app store.

There are promo codes in this thread:

wow ! nice sound, graphic and the game play is addictive, i like the 'safety net' until it disappears... boing !


Dumball is on the front page of the iTunes all family iPhone Apps page.



Thanks for checking it out Carlos!

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