Apple Rush game approved by Apple!

Our first Corona app! Took us about a week to code it and a week to fix some bugs, etc. It was a blast using Corona vs. our previous experience in objective-c.

If you're interesting in trying the version 1 of the game then here are 5 promo codes. Any positive reviews on the app store would be appreciated. :-)



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Will review tomarrow

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Nice little app. I will leave a rating after I play with it some more.

Quick note: When I first played I was tilting the phone like crazy, I did not realize you move the bucket with your finger! :)


Thanks guys for the feedback and for taking the time to review our first game in Corona! :-)

Yea a number of friends told us to get a game play page up and maybe a little red arrow with text pointing to the basket when the game 1st starts to show people to move it with their finger. We're releasing an update this coming weekend with that and a bigger basket as that was another suggestion. So thanks again for the feedback! We really love developing with Corona! (I'm a c#/SQL developer and know a little objective c)

Instead of wider maybe a few pixels taller or moved up a little so you can see the brim of the basket above your finger

Yea we'll probably make it taller and not wider. :-) and put a little arrow with text that will disappear after a few seconds when you start the game. It will say something like "move me with your finger."

I really enjoyed your game --- thanks and I left a great review.

In addition to the basket being taller.

If you miss a red apple (then your apple lives deduct)...

How about if a green or blue apple falls off screen you get dinged a negative point value - I found myself not trying to pick up anything but red apples for a while.

But overall, I really enjoyed the game play.

Thanks Ssinger for the feedback and comments!

In regards to game play ideas you mentioned that you found yourself not trying to pick up anything but red apples for awhile - was that because you didn't realize all missed apples caused you to lose health in the game? We're thinking of adding tips that disappear after a few seconds when the game starts and a "help/game play" screen to the game as friends have told us too that they at first didn't know all the details of the game play of course.

Thanks again for the time in doing the review! :-)

Apple has us featured on their "New & Noteworthy" section of the app store for the family and the kids categories! Thanks everyone for helping us continually improve Apple Rush.

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