Access to device APIs ?

Is it possible to access deice APIs directly from within the Corona SDK ?

I'd love to get to know Corona by 'porting' an existing Win Mobile app. to Android and iOS BUT my app. needs Bluetooth support. I understand that Bluetooth is not (yet) supported directly within the Corona SDK... so, my question, is it possible to access native device APIs from within the SDK ?

If so, has anyone done it and, if so, any pointers on where to start please ??

TIA. Appreciated.

Hi Ian,

Sorry but no, it is not.


Thanks for that Peach - much appreciated.

So, I guess I have two new questions (sorry)

[1] Do you happen to know if Ansca have any plans to add Bluetooth capability within the next, say, 12 months?


[2] Do you happen to know if Ansca have any plans to add native API access / capability within the next 12 months.

I'm really sorry to bang on about this - I NEED bluetooth capability to port my apps / make the new ones I have in mind and am so keen to use Corona but am struggling without this capability. (WiFi wouldn't do - I need bluetooth access to remote bluetooth devices)

Again, many thanks.

Have a great weekend.

I hope [1] will become real in the near future.
and I know that [2] won't!
(carlos was very clear about that in the past)

EDIT: don't know exactly, but I seem to recall he was talking abut that issue in this podcast...


Canupa was right, [2] was covered. It's not going to happen.

As to [1] - Do I know? No. I'd only be speculating. 12 Months is a long time and anything could happen - Bluetooth could become obsolete due to telekinetic transfer ;)

Sorry - I'd like to be able to give you a definite answer, there just isn't one at this time.

Thanks Canupa and Peach (again!)

I can only hope that Canupa is also right with regards to Bluetooth !

We have enterprise / business apps and games apps waiting to be finished...

So, here's to you both and Bluetooth capability in the near future ! ;-)

Have a great weekend both.

Thanks Ian, same to you :)

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