App size?

If I create a build that is 26MB, but 21MB zipped, which is the size that appears in the app store and to the user?

The user would download the 21mb file then when it installs it should unzip it to 26mb. I hope this is right, that is just my thoughts.

Jordan Schuetz
Ninja Pig Studios

Keep in mind that ideally, you'll get the zipped size to under 20MB so it can be downloaded without a wifi connection present ;)

Hey all

I am having some issues with the build size... well I say issues, I mean concerns.

My app folder contains about 5mb of data total. But when I build for IOS the resulting .app is 15mb

I have checked and reauthorized Corona on my build machine... but still the same.

Any advice or explanations welcomed... Or any info I can provide to elaborate?

PufferFish Games

do you use Open Feint or physics?
those will be added to your project binary automatically...

Yes.. I'm using Openfeint.

Since posting my comment and trawling through some more build size discussions.. I commented out the require Openfeint and my file size has reduced dramatically.

So heres where I'm at..

Without @2x assets.. my project is 3mb... When build for IOS with Openfeint enabled... the app size is 12.4mb.. Without Openfeint its 5.8mb.

Seems a big difference for Openfeint.. I wouldn't mind a mb or 2.... but 6.6..eeek!

Any thoughts?


the open feint library is full of images for landscape and portrait views of leaderboards, login windows and such. when you create a native obj-C app, you can delete those parts from the library you don't need (for example exclude portrait images in a landscape-only app) but I see no way to do this with corona sdk...

so the thought is: live with +6MB or do not use open feint.


Thnks finefin... I take it you;ve experienced similar issues yeah?

Personally, I think 6+mb is unacceptable for just adding OF. However, I do require it. I think some form of online leaderboard is standard now in most games do you?

Maybe they could even detect the orientation you are supporting and if landscape only, then only include landscape assets! I dont know, just thinking out loud :) Not sure it would make a huge difference but.... Ansca should be looking at this, rather than simply posting "yes, openfeint adds a few mb"

You mentioned physics? I am not using it.. yet! ... does that also add similar size to your app binary?


similar issues? well, I implemented OF in some of my non-corona projects, that's why I know...

yeah, online leaderboards and achievements are obligatory in my opinion.

it would be awesome if corona would only implement only those assets the app actually need.

I guess, physics (box2d library) would add some MBs. The latest box2d release is 3MB big... haven't used physics in a corona project yet, so I can't tell exactly.


Wonder if there is a way to unpack, delete, repack and resign?!
To think the OF assets are bigger than my entire game :)
Cheers for the posts

richard, as I just posted in the other thread, 3.2 MB is added when all is said and done by OF. (Because, as discussed above, it is the compressed file size that counts.)

I agree that if it were 6.6MB, that might be unacceptable - but it's not :) It's 3.2MB.


For those who tried to go under 20MB, I previously submitted a zip file with 18.2MB but it appear to be 20.2MB when it appeared on the App Store. And btw I have integrated OpenFeint in it.

So, I suggest to get your app's zip file below 17.5MB if you want your app to be less than 20MB when appear on the App Store. Just precaution steps, don't repeat my mistake.

:) Yes, sorry, double/reposted on the subscribers forums when I discovered those! Just keen to get a response.
As you can see, kindly responded also.
Which thread/forum is best to continue post and avoid duplication?

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