Android mutlitouch issue

Hi, thanks again Carlos and the team for helping us out with the webpopup issue recently...the latest build certainly did the trick.

The issue i have right now is that the Android version of our game seems to have problems maintaining a primary touch event during a mutlitouch scenario.

Our iPhone version does not have this issue and its the same codebase.

Gameplay overview...

We have two things that the user can simultaniously click in the game

1.) a "hover" button... this keeps the user's "ship" in flight/hovering (imagine a side scroller game)... if you let go of the hover button the ship begins to fall to the floor.

2.) Then there are enemies that appear from the right and you have to tap on them with the secondary 'touch' to kill them.

Test1 (single touch)

I ONLY use the hover button and never press on the enemies. One touch and the ship flys with no problem

Test2 (multitouch)

I begin to tap the enemies as they appear - and every now and then, the primary touch (the hover button) loses focus (it's pressed state) and the ship falls to the floor... game over.

We've tried with all kinds of buttons.. ui class, static image, custom button class. We've stripped out other possibilities but somehow, at least once per game session, the "hover" button loses its 'pressed' state on the ANDROID device.

Does this sound familiar to anyone here?
I recall seeing a post on here where someone reported a nil touch event id coming through for their android project - wondering if this is the same issue?

Thanks in advance

We seem to have things running much smoother now.
Here are the 2 steps we took:

1.) With the second touch event - set the stage focus for that object to nil again (I'm not sure if this fixed it)

2.) Play nicely with Androids resources - we had some large sprite sheets..some were 400-600kb. Using texture packer and RGBA4444 output i was able to take a 400kb sheet down to around 130kb.

I'm pretty sure point#2 was the overall problem... Android was choking when certain enemies appeared. It's good practice in general - but with tight deadlines you sometimes have to pour all of your client's graphical expectations into the project then work back from there.

Hope you all had a good 4th July :)


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