Keep other app's sound going when loading a corona app

It would be nice to have an option where Corona can co exist with other sound sources (eg, listening to iPod while using app)

Currently Corona pauses other audio when it loads the app.

+1, I've had a lot of disgruntled comments about my app regarding this, since my app doesn't have music, and they can't listen to their own.

+1, seems required for any iOS 4 app.

Or iOS 3 for that matter. As NayGames mentioned (grats btw) it is very annoying to any developer's user base.

In fact, it was trying to listen to music while playing Bubble Ball that made me aware of the issue.

+1 Here too. My users asked that feature too.

I'm not a subscriber yet but this missing feature is a huge disappointment, along with multitasking support. Could someone from Ansca at least comment on this? A workaround? Is it possible to hack this somehow? Make an external call? Change a plist entry?

Yes, I've also received many comments from my users about this problem.
Need to be fixed

In general an app should only override a device's audio if/when the app loads audio itself, right? If your app does not load any audio, does it still pause audio from other sources?

My app isn't touching audio but when it starts up I see messages that hint that it/Corona IS attaching to audio (something about channels and bit rate) and as far as I know there is no way to prevent this, which is why I'd like a comment from Ansca.


On the radar


thanks. +1 faith to start my subscription ;)

+1,000,000 ;)

Just got a note in a review about music stopping in the app. Definitely want to see this in the near future.

+1 customer complains about this.

+1. I use this feature a lot and it would suck if I had to publish an app without this.. Is there an estimate? =)

+1 Could Ansca hint when we might be getting this feature? :)


no estimates yet. we are working on roadmap/features/bug fixes/request/etc. we did broach the subject about this bug internally with engineering.


This IS a SHOW STOPPER!!!!!!

Come on guys, this is WAY more important than async HTTP on Android!

I agree. I know this isn't open source but it would be nice to have a vote-up button for paid subscribers. I listen to music all the time playing other games, including words with friends, angry birds, etc. I will NOT play games where I can't.

I think calling it a show stopper might be too much, but I agree that it is very important, especially for game apps (of which Corona obviously has a number of them). People love listening to their tunes while they play.

I'm glad it is on the radar.

i been bitten by this so I know


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