Alpha blending?


Not exactly sure where I should post this question so I'll start here.

Somehow when i overlay one image over another i get an "alpha border".

Can anyone please suggest what is wrong with my app?

here is the project zip

Please view this as "iPad"

Thank you,

its not an alpha border - your sprite sheet has the border around it if am seeing properly.
you mean the think black line? thats part of the spritesheet.
you need to re-move (edit) it.

if that is not it, can you post an image of the bug?


the animation is lovely, whoever your artist is doing a good job.

just a small thing I noticed apart from you making borders around the images, (remove them for the seamless effect you are after). Did you notice the shadows? Some of your shadows get chopped due to the frame, so you need to get the lighting adjusted to accommodate the same.



Thank you guys for getting back to me so quickly.

Looks like it's a know issue with crop in photoshop:

Once I confirm that I will update this thread.


Confirmed. It's a Photoshop bug/trick.

Here is a new project zip, and yes, shadows are cropped, but this was just a test.

Thanks again,

Very nice animation indeed..

if you don't mind dabbling into commandline tools.. for pixel perfect image manipulation you can check out imagemagick.

Thanx from me too Leo
I was looking through the code for answers but it was hidden in the pixels :)

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