Log errors on the device

I wish there was some convenient way to read what Corona games print to the console when they are run.

This would really help to find rare, hard to catch bugs that only happen on the device, and never in the simulator.

The only other alternative is to write some custom logging for messages that Corona prints; I don't directly see a way to do this, though I haven't done any research on the subject as I think I'll be tackling these bugs next week, but I do think this is a simple modification that everyone will benefit from.

(to be more specific about what I had in mind: the error messages get printed to a file in the documents folder. I don't care much for how the log can be viewed - I don't mind implementing my own output for it - just as long as I can integrate a mechanism for doing so in my game and catch these non-reproducible bugs).

launch xcode
goto windows menu
launch organizer
plug your idevice
see "console" for output


Or, see this page on my blog:


...for a way to do it that works on devices that are not plugged in, for example, your beta testers.


Whye, that looks like a terrific idea, I'll give it a try.

I probably should have just said "for beta testing" instead of "rare, hard to catch bugs" :-D. I was in fact interested in the case where the xcode logger is not an option; I've used it for a lot of bugs, but I'm faced with my app crashing on the device at different circumstances, varying play times... and infrequently. I want to really log what happens in my application on devices, xcode would be really inconvenient (though probably possible).

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