LOW InMobi fill rates and eCPM

Anyone had any feedback on InMobi fill rates and eCPM on ios and Android?

My Android rates are so low im going back the 'Admob Hack'

date - 05 Aug 2011
Ad Requests - 7,381
Ad Impressions - 3,252
Fill Rate (%)44.06 - BAD
Clicks 30
Earnings - $0.78
eCPM $0.239 - YIKES!

Hi, would you mind showing how it was before with adMob??
thanks, I'm trying to decide with which one should I go.

Admob wasnt that good but it better than inMobi and the admob one is just a hack really, it doesnt provide as good rate as a normal admob IOS or android app

eCPM - $1.11

filrate 97.29%

plus Admob allows house ads so you can create your own ads to say promote your other apps if you like


would you mine to share some more information actually i can't believe this much low fillrates and especially ecpm - YIKES!

i am thinking that your refresh rate for ad is very low in example of ansca it is 5 sec (if i remember correctly)

this time is not enough to load ads when person is in low speed connection and even 5 sec is not enough to see and click on that ad

plz tell me your settings like i explained above it can help others also to decide with which to go


Jezz, mine is even worse than yours. I have a really bad fill rate too, mine is 30.37%. I'm also using 5 sec for ad refresh rate.

I have the ads only show in the menu screens to avoid slow down of game play.

The 'Admob Hack' numbers look way better than InMobi right now.

Ansca should of integrated a more established ad company.
This is pretty much useless and a waste of time.

You're not going to have advertisers if your rolling ads every 5 seconds.

5 seconds is way too fast. I'm not sure why Corona's docs have it like that. Most ad companies want one ad = one page view. That model doesn't work for games. I used 60 seconds in the RSS reader app, but it will change faster as people change pages faster. But for the lite version of my game, I may change it to one ad every 45 seconds which is roughly timed with the length of a level.

I've had some days where my fill rate is only 15%. It seems most of the people playing my game are in china/asia causing the fill rate to be pitful. If I segment out u.s. traffic, the fill rate is close to 90%, but the audience isn't there, for what reason I don't know.

Mine is only Android (inmobi) so far, I have been wanted to get some decent data before rolling it out on my iphone version game.

This is a very interesting thread but it leaves me with a bunch of questions.

How does an ad company know how long the ad is being shown in the app? Can advertisers control which apps they advertise in based on the ad interval set within the app?

Is there some "optimal" ad interval? On the surface it seems like if you switched to a new ad every 5 seconds you'd earn more than if you switched after 60 seconds, but if that's not the case then is it even better to switch after 100 seconds? 1000??

When Ansca rolled out the InMobi ad feature they mentioned that "preliminary" tests suggested 3x more ad revenue using it vs. the adMob hack, but the results posted here suggest the opposite. Does anyone using InMobi have data supporting good fill rates and eCPMs? Robmiracle's suggestion seems reasonable but I'm curious if anyone has put it to the real world test.

I can't speak for InMobi, but other ad providers have very sophisticated engines that deliver the ads. They know that a campaign for company X should use 10,000 impressions of Y period. And if they see that getting consumed quickly they will poke around and see that a give App is eating all of them. Then they will see the uniques not high enough to support the volume consumed and you will start getting Filler, Run-of-site, remnant and PSA ads to fill. In the web world, they know more about you than you do and they know precisely where their ads are going.

It used to be back in the day, that we got pretty good money just for showing the ad (CPM Cost Per Mill, i.e. every 1000 ads delivered), but advertisers learned that people ignored the ads and they were not getting benefit from it since no one clicked on them (games made it worse because you don't have time in a game to click). So things switched to a CPC (Cost Per Click) mode where you got paid on clicks. Then we got a bright idea of giving incentives to click on the ads. You get 10 extra EXP if you click! It didn't take long for the advertisers to catch on to that racket. When you sign up for an AdSense account today, they make you agree to not do incentive clicks.

I'm really surprised that InMobi hasn't had a conversation with Ansca yet about fast rotation rates.

At the end of the day, if your fill rate is 25% at 5 seconds, it will probably be 50% at 10 seconds and maybe 100% at 20 seconds. In that 20 seconds, you delivered the same number of ads, so your CPM money will be the same. And if your CPC is where your money is, giving your players time to actually click on an ad will make you more money than just zooming through them.

Can someone from Ansca provide us a "best practice" on this?

my refresh rate was 30 seconds for the ads

My fill rate is now : 2.09% on iPhone. What a waste of time implementing inMobi was.

Back to cocos2d and mobclix/iAds for me!

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