Free Marketing Opportunity: App Tournament is hosting an app tournament you should sign up.

Currently there are two ways to get your app up to the top 50.

1. Get luck and get noticed by apple and put in the weekly what's hot list.
2. Buy tons of marketing until you get noticed and make the top 50 list.

What if there was a third way? is having a 64 app single elimination app tournament. If you sign up your app will be put in a bracket and users will vote for the best one. Each week apps will be eliminated until we have a champion app. The winner gets, glory, fame on our wall of fame, and a free Press Release featuring thier app as the winner.

Entry to the August tournament is free.

Sign up at

- Increased Exposure
- A chance to show your app is better than others
- A chance a fame
- Increased Downloads
- A new channel for your fans to support your app and push you to the top

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