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I really need to start my game - initialize my interface - in landscape mode. I noticed it's not supported by the build.settings file, but I desperately need this. Is there any programmatic/magic way to do this?

I need to tie my interface to the borders of the screen, and I need the width to be the longer side of the device, because all my interfaces rely on that. Changing this for all my interfaces is very, very tedious (it will probably take me days). I don't care if I can't turn off the auto-rotation on orientation changes too much - that doesn't matter too much for the first release. But if the app initializes in portrait mode, it's unworkable and must be relaunched, and that is a show-stopper.

I'm using build 574 for my android builds. I was under the impression this was supported in the stable version, but other things I need are not, event if it is. I'd be glad to get any kind of remedy, and if not - I would really like to know when any kind of feature that would allow me to fix this will come out.

It sounds like you just want your app in landscape all the time; or did I misunderstand?

It's a long post and talks a lot about your interface, which is obviously just another part of the app - so I'm going to assume that is what you are asking, but please, correct me if I am mistaken :)


        orientation =
                                     default = "landscape",
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