lines around sprites and error message

I exported my sprites using v1.2.11 and am having problems with the following:

I'm playing a series of animations and and when I go to another scene from a previous scene that plays SpriteLoq sprites, I get the error message below when I touch a spriteloq image that has an eventlistener:

Runtime error
...utines/iTouchiLearnMorningRoutinesiOS/loq_sprite.lua:320: attempt to call method 'removeSelf' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'removeSelf'
...utines/iTouchiLearnMorningRoutinesiOS/loq_sprite.lua:320: in function 'prepare'
...utines/iTouchiLearnMorningRoutinesiOS/loq_sprite.lua:299: in function 'play'
...outines/iTouchiLearnMorningRoutinesiOS/girlbrush.lua:134: in function 'dispatcher'
...outines/iTouchiLearnMorningRoutinesiOS/girlbrush.lua:121: in function <...outines/iTouchiLearnMorningRoutinesiOS/girlbrush.lua:118>
?: in function <?:215>

Also, when the sprite appears, there is a thin line to the left, which looks like it's from the previous image. It appears that there may not be enough padding between images.


Thanks for reporting. I'm working on a fix.

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