Spriteloq version change log

Changes: v1.2.13
- Fix so that on load, import, export directory is remembered

Changes: v1.2.12
- fixed an issue where some swfs did not have padding applied to them properly

Changes: v1.2.11
- set pixel padding to 2 pixels to fix bleeding issue

Changes: v1.2.10
-fixed an issue with sprites that have frames of zero width and height

Changes: v1.2.9
- fixed an issue with reimporting sheets exported with v1.2.8 due to the new padding.
NOTE: pre v1.2.9 sheets are not compatible with v1.2.9. If you want to import sheets with v1.2.9, they need to have been originally exported with v1.2.9.

Changes: v1.2.8

- Added 1 pixel padding for sprite frames. Circular objects don't appear as jagged when rotating.
- Updated frame count detection so the first DisplayObject in the display list with totalFrames greater than 1 determines the totalFrames count for the sprite.

Changes: v1.2.6

-Fix for an interface issue with the shape tools
-Fix for the filename output to allow extra dots in the file name, allows you to select an existing png or lua file to overwrite.
-Updated metadata to include a destroy function to dispose of the spritesheet and clear some application memory.
This won't completely clear the app mem of the required spritesheet metadata because of how the require function works.

Note: The latest API update requires v1.2.5 spritesheets. But v1.2.5 spritesheets can still be used with the previous API update. You can export your sheets to take advantage of the updated SpriteFactory dispose().

Changes: 1.2.2

New Physics Support! Allows you to define bodies for collision detection and Box2D physics on top of your sprites and with one line of code define complex bodies. In the Controls panel is a new 'Shape Tools' section which allows you to switch into 'shape mode'.

Here's a video tutorial covering the new tools: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEyNprBtLY8

Great news! It's awesome! Thanks for adding the padding!

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