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I have director class in my game. I have main menu, where are buttons, what i can click and then it changes scene. Now if i click "play" button, game starts normally. When game is over, director changes scene back to main menu. Main menu show propelly, but if i try to click buttons, nothing happens. Please help me.

Are you putting your objects in groups?

Yeah, everything should be in groups.

Now it works! I just forget to remove listeners. :)
But i have still one problem: I have score system in my game and now when i get game over and director changes scene to main menu and then i play game again, score system acts weird. I think i should remove score system someway like remove listeners. Help, please.
Here is my code:

local function a (event)
score = score + 0.1
aika.text = "Time: " .. score
timer.performWithDelay( 50, a, 0)

Never mind. I figured that out myself. :)

local kello = timer.performWithDelay( 50, a, 0)

uapo15, I have the same problem , for replay my game again,

some times my game work great, some times my screen got froze,

how did u solve the problem ?

Can you post some code? It is pretty hard to say anything without code.

unfourtently , I sent my code to company to fix it to me, no body in this forum responded and help me out to fix my problem,

hey guys I think if I pay to anyone in the forum is better than pay for company ,

just email me how is expert in this forum to work with

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