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so I go into bestbuy to buy an android tablet and after 30 min of the showing me the htc flyer with the pen getting me interested I decide ok yes I want one then they say well it's on back order right now no bestbuys have them and you can't get them online, I ask then why did you waste my time teasing me with something I can't buy and if I order you can't tell me if or when I would get it. will you sell me the display, no we can't sale it until they discontinue it, well sounds like to me it is discontinued

OfficeMax here in the Bay Area has 7" Samgsung Galaxy tablets for under $100. Pretty cheap yet popular Android tablet.


they're like 450.00 in Louisiana

shoot buy me 2 of them for $100 each and I'll pay you for your time LOL.

my email is my name at Gmail dot com

thats a great price!!

No way can an Office Max have a Samsung Galaxy Tab for only $100. The cheapest tablet right now with Android is the Kindle Fire for $200. If you could find me a tablet for under a $100 hook me up with the store and I'll go there and buy once right now.

Jordan Schuetz
Ninja Pig Studios

Who wants a contract???? Especially for a tablet -_-

David, if that isn't a typo I'd suggest you get on eBay and start selling ;)

David may be referring to the 3g version, which is only on discount with a service contract. has several tablets on sale right now.

My Pref being the Nook for 149.

I purchased one like 2 or 3 months ago from them and have not had any troubles with it.

I think it will be good to use to test with, when I get my apps ready for the nook.

Also there is a simple Jail break for it on an SD card you can pick up ( without jail breaking it ) you just pop in reboot and you got android 3.x tablet. Take card out reboot - you back to normal nook.

I gots to get me one of them cards like 35 bucks on amazon and the developers site.

Good luck to all.


yeah I've been trying to decide between then nook color, kindle fire, or then nook tablet, or an android tablet

I really love my nook color, but make no mistake - it's very underpowered compared to the other options out there. For example, the game I'm working on now runs much faster on my phone (EVO 4G, 1ghz cpu) than it does on the Nook Color (800Mhz cpu).

Even with overclocking the Nook (up to 1.3ghz) it still underperforms.

so if I get nook and build for that performance wise I'd be good on other devices

That's exactly how I look at it! If it performs well on the Nook, you are probably good for other devices.


Went back to my local OfficeMax and the $99 Galaxy Tablet was only if you purchase a 2 year Sprint data plan.


The fine print was a type 6 font! No kidding.


figured it was either contract or typo

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