EventListeners not removing, why?

I am controlling my screens by adding all display items and certain groups to an array ScreenFields[]. I add events using the ScreenFields[]:addEventListener() to whatever fields I need events for. The problem is that I fake popups by drawing a square on top of the screen and need, therefore to remove all of the event listeners from the screen under my popup. I have tried 2 approches and it does not seam to work:

for i = 1, NbrOfItems do
ScreenFields[i]:removeEventListener("tap", TappedItem)
ScreenFields[i]._functionListeners = nil
ScreenFields[i]._tableListeners = nil

while this code does not give me any errors, I still have events tied to my bottom screen. I need a procedure that will scroll all of the items on a screen and remove all of the event Listeners.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Provide more code )

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