Async NW event.response -- can I get to the HTTP response header fields?


First forum post; new to Corona. Searched, but didn't find an answer to this one.

I'm writing an app that connects to a web-services layer via HTTPS. Have the POST request working fine. However, for reasons I won't get into, I'm having to fish out and use a session cookie for user validation (don't ask) from the response. If I go straight Lua socket it looks pretty easy, but then it's blocking not async, and async is required.

Can anyone point me at where/how I can get the http header fields from the response? Event.response doesn't seem to include them (or I'm not seeing them).

Any help greatly appreciated.


P.S. I'm more of a C++/Objective-C guy, with now just over 30 days in Lua/Corona, so if this is obvious and I missed it, blame the newbie.

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