What type of game settings should I consider

I am building an Astroids type game and I would like suggestions on what type of settings for the game I should consider putting into my settings screen.

Here is the list of options I am thinking about so far.

  • Game Sounds Volume
  • Game Background Track Volume
  • Twitter and FB settings. (considering allowing user to tweet high scores or something)
  • Game control postion (flip them for left or right handed players)
  • flipping the ship thrust controls. currently moving forward you pull down on dpad and up to slowdown or reverse.
  • Reset Game Data

Does that list about cover the basics or am I missing something ?

Good list, you could also offer a "Difficulty Level" for settings like Easy, Moderate, Hard and Insanity to modify the speed of your asteroids and/or amount of rocks flying around.

Features like this add some pretty easy meat to your game.


Defiantly considering the "Difficulty Level". Thanks for the suggestion @croisened.

If I add this it will be last because that will add a bit more logic to my game and there are other things I need to add to make it a little more solid at this point.

I don't do volume controls. I do SoundFX on/off and Music on/off and let the user control the volume with their devices volume controls.

But adding difficulty is probably a must have.

I left Twitter/FB out of my game because Openfeint was going to take care of that for me, but from what I can tell there are a lot of players who don't know what OpenFeint is and don't like the login screen that comes up and they click it away and you've lost tracking that player's progress. This is why native GameCenter is a must...

I suspect with the new Facebook SSO and pending twitter improvements, I may go back and add those in directly.

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