Font Working But Not Really

I posted a question earlier in the forums about custom fonts but I had another thing to add and I felt like it needed a different post, moderators you can delete "how to make custom fonts work".
I am using the stencil font for my game and I am using stencil.otf file. When I put the code in everything looked great in the simulator, the color was right the size was right. However when I put it onto my iPod to test it the font didn't show up. I didn't and still don't see any errors. Could it be that it's not supported?


maybe device dont support otf files, try .ttf

I tried that, it didn't work but it was a good idea because I hadn't thought of that.


Are you requiring the font in build.settings with the correct name? Very important to do that as well.

Yes. I've tried capitalizing the first letter and not caping it. Neither works

And the font is included in the project folder?

Double check the name is identical to the name you see in the Font Book on your Mac.

If it still isn't working try a different font, maybe a .ttf :)

I'll check that in the morning but when I went to convert it to an .ttf file it said that I had an invalid file. "it" meaning all the free website converters. I copied it right from the font book program, wasn't sure if that would be an issue

It sounds like it doesn't want to be converted. I'd suggest trying a different font, any random .ttf, just to see if it works on your device. That would confirm everything is definitely set up correctly and it really is the font you're currently trying to use that is the issue.

(It probably is due to it's type but it never hurts to be sure before moving forward.)

Could you try that and let me know results, please?

Peach :)

Ok so here's what happened...
So I tried another font that looks similar and it worked after I hit install font. Same setup different result. The one thing I'm wondering about is this, since I had to install it to my computer will it still show up on other player's devices?

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