App development for toddlers, kids and learning


First of all - A BIG thank you to the Ansca team and everyone contributing their knowledge here.

Just with Corona and a small team of 5 we(redbytes software) started tinytapps( early last year.

we are now a team of 13 people focussed on creating apps for toddlers focussing on the iOS platform. we are based in India and now looking for take on service projects as well.

we were also featured on the ansca blog earlier.कोरोना-खुशी-है-corona-is-a-joy/

we are looking for schools, publishers and people interested in developing apps which are based on learning in the education sector for kids.

we are also very keen to helping others out on this forum - and you will see some of our team members helping the community here in the forums. my email is and I can also be contacted directly.

A very happy new year to everyone here in the forums.


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