HTTP PUT, DELETE support please

We have GET and POST. We need PUT and DELETE. With PUT and DELETE we could use backend services like Parse and StackMob.

Please make it so.



If you are updating the network libraries would also request the luasec libraries so we can have TLS/SSL support for TCP sockets (non-HTTPS).

Passing it onto the team :)

Have you tried passing "PUT" and "DELETE" to see what happens. I haven't tested this myself, but users were originally reporting that Corona cannot work with Urban Airship for push notifications due to it's lack of "PUT" support... then later users were reporting Corona works fine with urban airship.

I know the docs say "GET" and "POST", but it could just be because those are the two most common request types. Perhaps try making some "PUT" and "DELETE" requests to see if they go through. Of course, if you've already tried and it failed then disregard this post.

Good news... it is possible to use parse with corona!

I tested PUT and DELETE with parse and it works as it is supposed to both in simulator and on device. I used daily build 709.

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