Text input ... not using newTextField

Has anyone done any custom text input methods?

I want to be able to have the user enter text, but I don't want the native device text field look. I wanted to be able to control the size of the text, the font, the color, having a transparent background, and removing any sort of borders. From what I can see, newTextField does not allow that.

Is there a way to call up the keyboard another way and display what the user types? This would be the equivalent of a single line text field, so don't need a whole lot of functionality. Just need to be able to allow the user to enter text using any of the device keyboards and customize that text as it is displayed on the screen.

Appreciate any pointers.

Well if you want to put the effort in it, you could make your own keyboard, create your 26+ buttons and setup event handlers for each one that would let you add letters to a string. You would have to program in backspace functionality and such.

I also don't know if Apple would approve it either, but....

you could do want you want. Of course in the simulator, you would have to use the mouse to touch the keyboard since there are no bindings to actual keystrokes.

Yeah, I didn't want to go down the route of creating my own keyboard. :)

Was just hoping that someone else out there has done more text stuff in Corona and might have advice or suggestions for that.

Actually you can select align, font type, size and color of a newTextField. Also, if I remember correctly from some tests I made, there's should be a .hasBackground parameter (undocumented) to make the background transparent (same as newTextBox).
Of course, it still has that "native ios" look, but you can customize a little..

Thanks for that information. Very helpful.

I was wondering if you could make the text field transparent. Though with the border, probably won't have the same look I was hoping for.

I wish there was a way to easily preview the look in the simulator, so I could play around and see what I could do with the look of this.

Thanks again.

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