Gameplay Testers Needed for upcoming Corona Game AstroKittens


We've been working on AstroKittens for a little while and need some live gameplay testers in the Seattle/Bellevue area of Washington.

If you'd like to check it out -- please tweet your request to @AstroKittens and we'll be in touch. If you'd rather, send an email to with your contact info.

I've been building games professionally for over 10 years and I cannot begin to express how awesome Corona is and how it's made this project so much easier than it would have been on other platforms.


Ben Sharpe
Motiga, Inc.

Have you looked at TestFlight? It's great for beta testing :)
I'd sign up straight away to test for you!

Hey WauloK,

Yup, we love TestFlight and use it daily internally. We were looking to sit with players and talk to them while they're playing the game. When we get to the stage where we're looking for full on Beta we'll be widening the net with TestFlight for sure.



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