Endless Lines for iOS

Yesterday I submitted my first iOS game to Apple, which was also my first game developed with Corona - so I thought I'd add a post to this section.

Endless Lines is a puzzle game about creating paths.  Slide the rows and columns to create paths from one side of the board to the other.  The longer the path the more points it is worth.  Throw in multipliers, special blocks to help or hinder progress and bonus points for chaining multiple path clears together to spice things up.

Total dev time has been five weeks from starting with nothing and doing everything myself except the music.  Corona's really been a huge help in allowing me to just get on with making the game and not fiddling about with low level engine & tech stuff.

A basic webpage on the game: http://goo.gl/sAeXw

A short trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfhiWgLOy-g 

iMovie washed the colours out of it a bit and YouTube compression hasn't helped either.  So I'm going to re-do it so if someone can suggest a better combination than Screen Flow & iMovie, without resorting to Final Cut Pro please let me know.

Since the controls are hard to get from the trailer.  You touch a block and slide left/right or up/down which moves the row or column the block is in, the board is evaluated with every move so the red blocks showing the possible/current routes across the board are always accurate. It won't clear a completed path until you lift your finger ending the move so you can skip passed a path including a single block in, say, your current column to have one with three in your current column for more points.

looks hot

remember to submit to our showcase and add the download link once in the app store.


Cool game mechanics. For screen recording software check out Camtasia for Mac. Also you might want to play with the codecs you're using for exporting since they can mess with the colors.

Got some images sorted out in the first post now :)

Got my first review, from Arcade Life


Blitz mode - the best 60 second game you'll probably ever play

now there's a box quote!

Arcadelife verdict: Overall this is a fun little puzzler, more of a speed-test than actual puzzles and, for once, the time-limits feel like a deliberate game mechanic rather than a cheap way of introducing a challenge. It would be good to see some more modes introduced – the core gameplay is a solid enough foundation to justify some updates and expansions.

Today is a good day :)

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