New App. Butterfly Counting- Created using KWIK and Corona

Here are a few promo codes:


If you get a chance to take a look and leave feedback, that would be great. I created the app using KWIK. Alex has been a dream to work with and the software makes this kind of app a breeze. I'm looking forward to a huge boost in productivity thanks to Kwik and Corona. I'd love some support.


Looks nice! I took TL4PRELAAFW3


I left a review on iTunes. I'm not sure how long it will take for it to show up.

Thanks so much! I appreciate it. More to come. ;-)



I used WPH7T6X6TAYP... will post feedback later. Thanks!

How did you leave a review?? In my experiences, if you use a code to download, iTunes will not let you leave a review.

In response to ChunkyApps question.

I have read in a couple of places that if you redeem the promo code from your Mac/PC, you can still write a review.

In this case, I redeemed the promo code in iTunes on my Mac. I then when to the app store on my iPad (using the same account). It recognized that I had purchased the app and let me install it on the iPad. I wrote the review from the iPad.

This is my first attempt to try and write a review after using a promo code. I didn't get any type of error message after I submitted the review, so now I'm just waiting to see if it shows up.

Sorry about that Carlos, here's the link to our site:

lbpowel: Thanks for the review. When I checked itunes on my laptop I could see the review but now that I'm on my desktop it's gone. Hmmmm?? Anyhow. I appreciate the support.


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