Shoot the Cans - Number 1 in Android Market Trending Apps

I put in saturday my iPhone SHOOT THE CANS game on Android Market and actually this game is Number 1 on Android Market Trending Apps list :))

Link to App Store (0.99$):

Link to Android Market (FREE):

Unfortunately, there are a few negative comments that the game launch is slow, but it's not my fault.

how many down load u got ?

wish u best ,


May I ask why you decided to go free on Android Market and Paid on Apple App Store?
Just curious...

Thank you guys.

Sales and downloads are low :(
Android version is free because... in our country (Poland) we can't sell apps in Android Market (Google policy is strange). But Android version have ads.

Cool congrats! Do you mind if I link to it in my android game as a featured game of the week?


Thank you Angelo, if you want, please link as a featured game :)
And congratulations to you for Blast Monkeys success (my Android games in Corona are not succesfull, but next games coming :))

Awesome, I just setup the link.


Hey Info09,

I actually played the game after seeing it on Angelo's Blast Monkeys game. I was just wondered if you did any marketing to get your app on the trending list? I personally played it and I think there are a few things that need work, but otherwise, it is a very polished game. It is a little glitchy on my Droid. If you want to know what issues I found I'll be happy to let you know. Sorry for the Trollers :(

Jordan Schuetz
Ninja Pig Studios

>you did any marketing to get your app on the trending list?

no, any marketing, imho few peoples give good rating in short time. Actually poor rating is after update when I improved the game loading time - few customers have problems after update (I don't know why) and give poor ratings.

>If you want to know what issues I found I'll be happy to let you know.

Yes please let me these issues :)

Thank you

I played it and it was really slow. Like just the gameplay. It seemed to take forever just to shoot the ball. The aiming was glitchy and sometimes kind of bouced around the screen. Also its slow switching between levels. It would be better if it had a slingshot like angry birds. If you look at the comments, what the people are saying are problems. You should probably look into fixing them fast before you get more poor ratings. Good Luck,

Jordan Schuetz
Ninja Pig Studios

Many Thanks Jordan for your info.
This game was developed for iPhone first on which working smooth. I know that Android version working not perfect, but this is not simple to optimize Corona game on Android phones. Now I working on next game (more polished), and when I finish it, then look on Shoot the Cans again.

Yeh I was just really surprised at how popular it became. I mean, how did you get that many downloads in such a short time?

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