Shelly the Shell Master available for sale now!

Apple surprised me with a really quick review time. So Shelly is available for sale now.

I have a few promo codes for you guys in exchange for honest reviews. If you're interested send me an email to:


looks cute...any promo codes to post here for people to grab instead? if anyone else interested, we could email you...just a thought.

I guess I could spare a few. Since this is my first release I'm trying to keep tight control of the codes I'm giving out. Review sites eat a ton and you never know if they use them or not, so I'd rather not have them go to waste here as well. But I guess a few won't hurt.


That's what I have left of my first batch. If you need more you can always shoot me an email. I respond fast (plus I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight at all).

Edit: Also please let me know if you took a code here in the thread.

I took: WTANWKL7F936
Will leave a review soon.

Good luck with sales.


I have a new trailer for the game. You can check it out here:

Hi guys. I just wanted to let you know that Shelly is going FREE as part of the [URL=""][B]Third New Year App Blowout[/B][/URL].

There's nothing to lose now, so give it a try!

Also you'd do well in checking out the sale, there are some great games there. For example Battle of Wesnoth will be going from 4.99 to 0.99.

Given time differences the time they go on sale might vary case to case, but by tomorrow it should be in full swing.

Please leave a review on the store if you like the game. That would really help me out.

oops it requires iOS 4, I haven't updated my phone yet

How do you even do that? The only OS option when I do a build is "3.0 compatible."

No it doesn't. It requires 3.2. Where does it say 4.0? I can only see the requirements in the itunes link and it says 3.2. Are you seeing 4 on the device? That would be bad.

To do it I asked for help in the forum and someone graciously told me how to do it in this thread:

3.2 is iPad, I meant it requires 4 on iPhone. iOS on iPhone went up to 3.13 and then jumped to 4. I never upgraded my iOS to 4 and while every other Corona game I've tried so far works, yours requires a higher iOS version than I have.

Anyway it's not a huge issue, since the only people this affects are the few people with either really old phones that don't support iOS 4 or people like me who haven't upgraded. In neither case is that a huge number of people.

Thanks for the link explaining how to control that.

It's 3.2 for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. There's no difference. Where are you seeing it requires 4.0? (since I'd need to fix that). In any case I'm sure it works on 3.2.

Technically yes the requirement is the same for all devices, but since 3.2 only runs on iPad then effectively you require iOS 4 on phones.

Refer to this chart:

Note that all 3.2 releases are iPad only. Phones jumped from 3.13 to 4

Yeah I see now. I had no idea about that. So I guess it does require 4.0. (which there's no reason not to have at this point I might add)

Played and review this game.
Simple and have to tell us how you did the 'shell swapping'...very impressive ;)

Ahi te encargo si hablas espanol que me contactes, es a veces mas facil explicar algo en tu lengua natal :)


Ahhh the shell movement. Brings back fond memories. Check out my noobness in this thread that's barely 2 months old. I was really struggling with this until Mike Hart gave me the Eureka moment.

I ended up using something completely different though. Relying on frame animation instead of transitions, since I needed to use a sine wave movement. But the stuff was what allowed me to do it.

Also at that time object.tofront() didn't exist so I had to re index the shells everytime they moved, so the one that goes to the bottom appears in front (and scales up) and the one that goes above shrinks and it's moved to the back. That was a bit of a headache, because then I had to get the right one again to put the right ball under (the ball doesn't move with the shells, it just dissapears and then appears under the right shell).

I don't know if I made it any clearer to be honest, lol.

(Si hablo español, pero prefiero que todos entiendan :)

That's cool.
Good luck on sales and keep them coming, it's pretty amusing and I have kept it on my phone ;)

(no problema en el idioma, solo queria saber por si acaso te pudiese contactar en mi idioma fuera de el foro).

Si hablo español, pero prefiero que todos entiendan

Sweet, my Spanish is rusty but I actually understood this sentence. That is polite of you.

@rdcube On the sales I'm afraid it's gonna take more than luck, since they've been pretty disappointing.

You can contact me anytime in either language if you want.

Version 1.1 is up.

I fixed a crash on start up on iPod Touch 2G related to loading a music file with loadsound instead of streaming in the new Sound API.

I still have no idea why it crashed on that device. It's probably a memory thing, but the music files aren't big at all. Like a 45 second loop in AAC and another one that's like a minute.

I did it that way because streaming was awful, however after playing around with it a bit I got it to perform ok (though not as well as using loadsound).

The upside is that start up loading times are much shorter now since I don't have to load those 2 files into memory. It's hard to believe how long that takes.

I also added Jon Beebe's trick for retina text (double up the font size and then scale to half). Looks much better now.

I hope some of you find those details useful (I wish I had known all this previous to shipping the first time).

I fixed a crash on start up on iPod Touch 2G related to loading a music file with loadsound instead of streaming in the new Sound API.

So wait, what you're saying is there was a crash because you were using loadsound, so you switched to the new streaming sound and that fixed the crash? Just want to be clear on what happened, thanks.

Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.

I switched the whole project to the new sound API first. I used audio.loadstream() for the music as recommended, but playback stuttered a lot in some places.

So I went ahead and loaded the music using audio.loadsound(), which is NOT the recommended way. It resulted in longer initial loading times since I load all the sounds at startup (Since I use them all the time, it makes sense to load once and forget about it). Playback was perfect doing it this way on my device. I thought it was a decent compromise, until I found out it crashed on the 2G iPod Touch (and possibly on the iPhone 3G sometimes, though I have vague reports on this).

The small sounds were always loaded with audio.loadsound() and I've had no problems with that.

Now I'm back to using audio.loadstream() for music playback and all is well with the world. I hope that made it clearer.

ah yeah now I understand what you mean, I'll have to watch out for that with my project

IgnacioIturra, I enjoyed your interview and praise of Corona on the February 20th episode of Experimental Game Dev Podcast Show

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