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On the developers portal, where you enroll and pick wether you are an individual or a company. I am having a hard time, do you know if it's possible to have your website on the individual name? Let's say my website is "" can i put that as the individual name? Or, just put helloworld? Does it need to be YOUR NAME?

Thanks for any help, i've been trying to find the answer.

Hey there,

You must use your real, full, legal name if you do not have a company.

No websites, etc.


Thanks a lot! Also i had another question concerning the topic that just came up. let's say you enroll as a company and pick your name, is it possible to change your company name? If you publish a game with that company and you want to change the name can you change it for further games?

Thanks again.

No worries :)

To use a company name you do need to actually HAVE a company - it needs to be a registered company in your country.

I believe it is possible to change a company name however it's not easy to do, it means contacting Apple directly and providing documentation, etc.

Does that clear things up? Any other questions, I'm more than happy to answer. (I know the registration process can seem daunting - just be glad you aren't in Australia, Aussies need a TFN, ABN and to be registered for GST to sign up as an individual, even!)

Peach :)

*Amendment to that; if you change your name before publishing another game, that name will show on ALL your games, including those published before the change. The only way to use more than one name is to have more than one account with Apple.

When register as a company you have to send in documents to apple that states you own that company name and have legal rights to use it. That document also have to include your TAX/VAT info, so if you your Company name and your TAX/VAT name does not match you will be rejected and have to re-submit your application.

Thanks everyone. That's exactly what i needed to know.

Oh one more thing Peach, i am using your Zomgdata tutorial you provided. And i am wondering how i can add another unlock/ lock feature. Because currently there is level2icon.png and level2locked.png wich are only used for the save when you reset the simulator. I am wondering how i can add another button that uses the save.lua, not only 1 button but multiple ones. How can i do this?

I removed that big block of code as it wasn't needed ;)

To add another icon you'd need to add images for level 3, 4, 5, etc - however many you wanted.

Then you would simply add threelock to the data we're saving exactly the same as twolock is there, create a function the same as twolock only for threelock, and you're done.

For info specific to any of my tutes you should probably comment on my site rather than here ;)


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