Level Selection Screen

I am trying to implement a world selection screen very similar to angry birds, i'm using the ghosts and monsters example.

I want to have lets say 4 worlds, each of these worlds will have a large button to click on. The user needs the ability to swipe left the screen so its centered on the next world along all the way to the end, and the ability to swipe right to go back through the worlds back to the beginning.

How would I implement this?


Try looking at SlideView in CoronaSDK > SampleCode > Interface

It's got swiping of images covered, you'd just modify it slightly to suit your needs :)


With that it looks like it only shows one on the screen at a time, i'd like one on screen and at least a little bit of the next one so that it looks like it can be swiped...

Is that possible with this?

There's a some threads about that, even almost complete project. Try searching for it...

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