To Universal my app... or not.

Got a question for everyone. I know this stuff is sometimes subjective and that the app store is a fickle place with no real "magic recipe" answers, but I'm curious if I should release my app as a universal build.

Here's my thoughts:

I am porting a game that has seen some lull in my sales. It was originally a GameSala...errr... yeah, anyway I've focused on improving the game all around. And learning corona at the same time. WIN WIN. So I technically have the app launched already. If I 're-release' it as a universal build, will it gain the same "new and noteworthy" possibilities on the iPad?? Or do I have to launch a separate iPad only version for that to be possible since it's already on the store.

Also, I want to take into account the factors that which might net the most money. I like universal apps myself. However if it's not going to re-jumpstart it at all by launching as such, then I may not want to and having two apps (iPad @ 1.99 + iPhone @ .99) may be better.


Viva la Corona!


P.S. My app is a kids game for toddlers. BEFORE and after Below

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