Custom Made Art & Music for your games

Greetings everyone! :)

I've had Corona downloaded on my computer and have been experimenting with it for quite a while, along with other similar SDKs, and since I was here I thought I'd also offer my graphics and music services to all the members here who may need it.

I've been doing game graphics and some music for a few months now and you can see some of the examples on my deviant art page here:

and here's a trailer for Air Supply 1 Bit Run which I worked on:

and here's a link for music:

Looking forward to getting to know everyone here and getting to grips with Corona SDK and making that game that's been in my head for so long!

I'll be updating this thread with new examples of work as they become available, Cheers!



Your compositions? Nice work!

Can I use one of your music tracks in my game?

Thanks! :)

Hi there,

Feel free to send me an email and we can discuss this further if you'd like. :)

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