Cannot build for Android in the trial mode?

Can somebody please confirm if this is true?

I am currently using a trial version of corona while waiting for sales@ansca (allready 48 hours guys) to answer my mail for buying educational license.

Now I try to build for the real device and I'm sure my package ( is right, the Target OS set to 2.0.1 and using the default keystore file with password "android".

I also see a "key alias" dropdown field which I don't know what it is and I cannot choose anything from it since the dropdown is empty

I'd like to build, but the BUILD button is greyed out so no luck.

Is this because this is a trial version?

If so then I hope somebody @ ansca will reply to my mails to be able to buy the educational license.

Kind regards,


Check this out:

I can build both apk and ipa with trail version.

Hi Bart,

This sounds like a known keystore issue with the build process. To fix, try the following:

In the Build dialog, after you select the Android debug keystore file and enter the password, cancel out of the Build dialog. Then quit/re-launch Corona. Then open the Build dialog again. The Key Alias drop-down menu should now contain the AndroidDebugKey alias, allowing you to complete the build. (You only need to do this once.)

If that doesn't work, quit Corona, then delete the following Corona preference files located in ~/Library/Preferences/


Then re-start and try the build process again.



forgot to mention here, but it allready works now.

tnx anyway

Thanks Tim,

I had just obtained the full version for Corona SDK, and I had this exact build problem. The first fix suggestion you described resolved the issue.


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