Corona latest version - De authorize not working - Trying to upgrade to latest version CoronaSDK-2011.591


I am trying to install new version of Corona (CoronaSDK-2011.591) in my windows pc. As a process, I am trying to de authorize and quit the old version. Process is getting started but during "Connect to server" screen, it is giving following error.

"Could not de authorize, please try again".

Is there any bug going in Corona? Or Am i missing something? I have reviewed the forums for answer but not getting anything.

I have been trying from yesterday so there must be some issue which i am not able to get.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Mark,

This error can come up if your computer was unable to access Ansca's server at the time. Can you try again today?

If this error message comes up again, then please check the Corona console window (aka: DOS box) for any detailed error messages and post them here.

On a separate note, you do not have to deauthorize the software before upgrading to the newest version on the same machine. Unless of course the software state that you need to "reauthorize" the software which happens if your current version is very old or if your PC hardware has changed recently.

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