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I have a similar issue to one posted back in march here on the forums, but different enough to post now. Regarding installing Corona SDK/Simulator.

I original installed and ran ver 288 for many weeks with no issues. Just a few days ago, it expired, so I downloaded newer version 505

Sometime when downloading this newer version 505, I had changed my password for my login at anscamobile .. but am not sure if I changed it prior to the download or after. I am not sure changing my password has anything to do with the issue, except another user thought it might.

After numerous attempts to uninstall and re-install ver 505 I continually get message 'failed to deauthorize' when I try to open simulator.

So I followed the suggested 7 steps listed in the link in one of the replies to the post back in March

these steps suggested re-installing the older version(post password change) and then re-installing the newer version, etc..
BUT, after re-installing ver 288, I get message that it has expired. So I cannot get the simulator to open, as I either get 'expired' with version 288, or installing ver 505 I get 'failed to deauthorize'

I also tried to follow steps listed in troubleshooting guide' on ansca mobile site, but cannot get to the file>preference>deauthorize menu, as each time the simulator fails to 'deauthorize' it shuts down before I can access the menu.

I am using Windows XP professional... I am not sure what I can do to get the app to 'deauthorize' and be able to use the simulator again.

Did changing my password on my login cause this issue?
Is there some other way to deauthorize this app????
Any suggestions????


I said this in the old thread you bumped as well; email support and they will be able to help you out :)

Thanks peach for the quick response.

Sorry, but I did submit the issue to 'support' thru the support log form(at least twice) and received and email that did not answer the issue, but linked me to an 'answer'.. but the link sent me back to anscamobile site where it prompted me for login; but my login tells me I am not authorized to view. So I can't see the answer. And the email sent to me has no return email address or way of contacting sender.

So I haven't heard from them, so to speak. Is there a direct email I can send to, rather then going thru the support log form.. as I mention above I can not get thru there.

I can try, but have not as there is none listed anywhere I can see on the site, so I figure there would be no direct email contact.

Thanks again

@ripps7, Ansca Support has looked at your case but we are unable to deauthorize your account because our server doesn't show any authorizations associated with your email.

If you are having trouble logging in to the server, you can reset your password through the login page.

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