Page Flip Effect

Does anyone know how to create a page-flipping effect as if you reading a
magazine or book but as an application. If someone can point me in the right
direction or if there is a code exchange that helps you out or anything that can
help me accomplish this.

Thank You very much in advance!

here is a link to an example of what im trying to do:
click on online demos

Director 1.4 has that effect built in, also there's another rip off director that I've seen on the forums but I don't have the link.

Director 1.4 Link:

Hope this helps.

Jordan Schuetz
Ninja Pig Studios

@ ninjapig123

Thanks for your reply, few months back while creating an app I used
director 1.2 and about a week ago I downloaded 1.4 and checked out
some samples I notice the image flipping but its more like a swiping
slideshow. Like viewing your pictures on an iPhone just swiping left
and right and next picture appears. I want to actually flip a page like
you normally read a magazine or book and the link above shows
exactly what im after if you go to online demo.

Does 1.4 does this effect im after?
Do you know of any sample I can view?

Thanks for your help !

Please if anyone can help me out by giving me links or explaining my
options to make this possible or just point me in the right direction
I will really appreciate it. I tried searching forums or code exchange and
cant find what im after

Thank you very much in advance!

As posted in your other thread, for those interested here, this is on the roadmap;

And been on the roadmap for 3+ months, and not as a "Top Priority" as it is listed in the "Other Features" section. Don't hold your breath anyone. Maybe those who want it and need it RIGHT NOW should put their money where their mouth is and pledge a donation to the first one with the skilz to do this in the foreseeable future, because I honestly don't think we will see this from Corona for at least another year, late-2012 at the earliest, as they have too many other things taking priority over page flipping. I haven't a clue how to do it, so I pledge $100 to the first one to give us a Corona "Page-Flip Class" that flips pages like i-Books in the next 3 months.

@ jpot328

well the link I gave on top its a software that allows you to page-flip effect, but
I was looking forward to doing page flipping with corona sdk for future book apps.
I honestly dont see why its taking so long and if your theory is correct late 2012
why will it take so long to flip a page lol but oh well i might end up using page-flip
software if not ill continue studying and hopefully figure it out.

Ill be sure to post if I come across anything that can help this be accomplish.

why it takes so long?

All good things take time and naturally, the priority road map features get done first. You can't have everything you want all at once. (I wish you could and I'm sure everyone else does too, but it just doesn't work that way.)

I believe the current roadmap is not fair from non-game developers using Corona (ok, I may be starting a furious discussion here :) ). Clearly Corona became THE tool for game development and the majority of subscribers are using the SDK for games.

Saying that, votes for page curl, coloring book (pixel manipulation), and other tools for storybook creators will never get enough votes for being in the top of the roadmap list.

Being in business myself, I understand the priority lists however, it would be nice to make things clear to all users (something like, features coming in 1-3 months, 3-6, more than 6mo).

The worse thing for us is to keep seeing feature lists that never see light (for example, check the thread about corona comic sdk 2, posted on 2010-12-09, or the pixel manipulation promotion made with the 20y Photoshop cellebration app, etc).

Not complaining at all, just asking for more clarity if things are really coming soon or not...

Waiting the stones now... :)

There's actually an awesome way to make Comics with Corona - it's not its own separate SDK but still, it's very good.

At the end of the day Ansca is doing everything it can to make everyone happy - of course that is never going to happen, you can't always please everyone - but every feature people want is on that list for a reason.

There has been more focus on non-game apps lately; Corona UI was the first big step in that direction.

I know it would be nice to have a list of 25 features all with exact timelines but I don't suppose it's realistic or practical on this scale; that isn't my department.

All I know is if something is on the road map, the team know you want it and they are doing their best to make it happen while keeping you up to date on progress with daily builds and blogs.

I don't think your post was bad or argumentative - I agree in an ideal world we'd have everything fast and know exactly when it was coming.

Peach :)

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