Masking actually does work with text - but renders it black

I tried the masking feature on display.newText and also on John Beebe's newRetinaText. To my surprise it worked. The only drawback is, that any textcolor is being ignored. The masked text is always rendered black - tinted if you'd like say.

Would love to see an update here soon... so we'll be able to build custom tableviews and simulate other UI elements currently not supported and which need also cropping/clipping etc


Hmm.. no news on this? No one else got this problem?

Here's a quick test file for anyone, who want to try:

Really nobody can confirm or shed any light on this?
Ansca? Bug, yes or no? File new case? Am I just too stupid? :)

Yes I get the same thing and am looking for an answer...

I am getting this using the tableview and scrollview, everything renders fine except for the text color, as you mentioned it appears "tinted" black.

yah - ooooooops - looks like a bug - reeks like a bug - but does it quack like a bug?

if one of you can enter this as a bug that would be great and we can address it after aug 2nd


Submitted - thanks for the quick reply!

i think this bug is already solved i had chked it with buid 584 and 484.

in 584 i can see the textcolor in 484 it is black always


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