Paying vis Paypal


When paying via PayPal the system asks for a credit card or buy now pay later.
It wont allow me to use my normal PayPal account, This is very frustrating for me and my 2 friends.

Can u Help


If you have paypal already, just use the same information and Paypal will automatically detect that you're a paypal user and ask you to login. At least that's what I remember. Good luck!

I ran into that problem when I was buying something recently -- the problem went away a day or two later and I never knew what the problem was. I kind of figured maybe PayPal was having a problem.

Try switching to a different browser just to make sure nothing's cached, etc. Im not doing anything "weird" with PayPal and haven't changed the buy process in a couple months.


I have tried using credit card to get to the paypal account but it asks for state and zip code. I live in the UK and there is no options for select country on the paypal page (only your page). can I pay direct to your PayPal account and you email me the download instructions.

I'm going round in circles and very fed up. ( I have set up ecommerce sites in the past and never had a problem like this)?? Its possible your losing mmoney from other UK or EURO clients. whats worse is that CPM looks cool and I cant get my hands on it.......arrgh ...


And I tried 3 browsers IE, Moz and Opera, on two different systems and my Mobile, I got the same probs


Sure, just send the payment to the Paypal account and I'll send you the download and registration info.

I do make sales to the UK, so I don't think it's a wide-spread problem. Hope not, anyway.



Paypal was screwed up cos they think all programmers sleep after 10pm at night, so they take down the system for repairs. Wasn’t your fault.

Finally got it downloaded, looks good

Thanks Jay

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