Tileset question from a newbie.

I am planning to use Tiled and Lime for my next game. I have looked at the tutorials from the Lime website and played a little bit with Tiled. My question is the following : How do I create a tileset with a lot of different images in it ?

Thanks in advance.

Use your image editor and save all your images as a png or you can use texturepacker or zwoptex and create a spritesheet then take that png and use with tiled.

If you use photoshop, then you can set the grid to the same size as the tile size you use in tiled and in photoshop place the images so they sit within each box in the grid.

Hope it makes sense.

Thanks a lot. I am going to try.


@lano - Thanks for coming in and answering, great to see other users answering questions. Like a mini community now :-)

@bruno - When using a tool like texturepacker or zwoptex make sure it doesn't save out any spacing/margin for the tiles ( if they can ) as currently Lime does not support that.



I went for the couple TexturePacker / Tiled. It works quite well.

Thanks for the help.

Awesome, glad to hear it!

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