Building a Platform game with Corona and Lime -- Blog post

Hehe, Kwigbo has asked me to add the tutorial to the Lime site which I have done I am just waiting for him to give it the once over before I publish it, looks like you beat me to it :-)

Kwigbo's tutorials are quite well known in the Cocos2d 'world', it's the sort of thing that could send quite a few new users who are struggling with Obj-C or simply looking for a more productive toolkit your way.

That'd be great news!

Not sure what the issue is, but the map doesn't load with 2.7...

2.6 works fine...

Reading through the tutorial now, will see if I can figure it out.


If it is just displaying a blank screen then this is probably due to the screen culling. It is enabled by default as I wish to get some performance reports from it.

You will either need to update the map via an enterFrame handler (or equivalent) by calling map:update() (it is by design that you have to update it manually rather than leaving Lime to manage itself) or disable screen culling before you load your map:

local lime = require("lime")
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