Partical Editor

Hi, out team need a good particle editor.
Are there any recommend editor out there?
If some one create a good particle editor for candy partical library, I can buy for $1->$20

Thank you.

We spent some thoughts about this, of course. The problem is, that an editor running in the simulator wouldn't be very confident because of the very limited screen size. If we'd provide an editor running in the simulator (using iPad's screen resolution, for example) it couldn't be used on Windows platforms then.

An external editor tool wouldn't be an appropriate solution as well, because it would require to port the Corona graphics engine (otherwise the results could be different and the editor wouldn't be up to date once a new Corona version gets out).

So it's a tricky thing... still the best solution would be to provide an editor running in the simulator -but I doubt that it would be quite comfortable regarding the very limited screen size :-/

Thanks for you answer.

All we need is a simple but good editor, runnable in an iPad emulator or Samsung Galaxy Tab for now and may be for some Android Tablets simulator will be released in next version of CORONA.

You should release an editor for:
1. iPad first - with SS Galaxy Tab support for Windows version
2. (in the next CORONA release) new Android Tablet - for example : Motorola XOOM? - will be supported, the same code as ipad version, just have some tweaking for GUI elements's position or aligning.

Just create a good one and all of we will buy it!!

I agree that this would be quite useful and we'll see if we can provide one soon.

I think external editor is much better because it is too many parameter to set.

1. external editor send the data to the corona simulator though socket

2. or the external editor generate a lua file and auto load in the simulator

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