Resume loop game from database reassemble actors

Hello -

I am just about done with my first Corona game - a simple shooter that loops and has some options etc. I have a title screen, options screen, and the main game. I am in the process of adding a database to save the game on application exit so that all is not lost when a user comes back (the user will be given the option to resume). I think I can handle just about every variable without issue (i.e. sound true/false, score, number of lives, etc.). The one thing I am not so sure about is reassembling the actors that were on the screen when the user hit exit. I have arrays (tables) that hold spawned enemies, power-ups, and weapons that have been fired. They all have event listeners etc. When a user exits they would theoretically have several items in any given trable with multiple x/y coords. It occurred to me that I may be able to stuff those tables into SQLite and iterate through them to reassemble the actors. However, I am wondering if their is an easier way? My other option is to ignore this and just start spawning again when a user comes back in ... much easier. Thoughts?

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