Monthly Developer Kitchen Open House

We just moved into a larger space and were wondering what folks thought about a monthly developer kitchen. Kind of like a meetup but it'd be more of an open house at Ansca HQ where we'd get together and talk shop, answer questions, share ideas, etc.

Be nice if you pay the travel costs:)

Do it. That would be cool to look forward to when I make it to the Bay area.


That sounds amazing!

Awesome idea.

+1 !

Put a TV in there and a webcam; that way you can do some video conferencing with ooVoo or something else that supports 1 to many.

Yeah, I'm in the UK so kinda a long way for me to go :)

sounds great

Not only are we planning on a Developer Kitchen Wednesday but also on using our new space to hosts training.


If this still exists when I can afford to go, I'd totally pop in. (You might have trouble getting me out though!)

Depends on who is cooking I guess.

oh boy....

As we're on the theme of food; I would like to suggest these for the menu


Of course, you will also need to get one of these -

That's just for me, though :3

Mmmmm.... giant!

I like the idea of a Meetup at your offices... the problem with the bars/restaurants you've held them at is the noise level... really hard to have a conversation sometimes!

But the downside is the commute. Might be worth it though if there was actually a hands-on seminar/demo as part of the event rather than just schmoozing... and if it were 2-3 hours (including the demos, mixer, schmoozing, etc.)

I'm a former pro console videogame dev, and I'm enamored by Corona...been using it for a week or so now, squeezing in time between existing project commitments.

I'll say this...if you had an all-day workshop, I'd fly out (from Austin TX) for it.


but in wt city and state it will be,

is there any chance to make it in Florida ?? Tampa or Orlando, or Miami ?

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